Cheap Web Hosting for your company is an attractive option and its choice should not be a complicated and difficult decision, because there are many companies offering this type of service on the market In practice, it is not so easy. You must answer a few important questions before making the decision. What kind of technology to choose? How do I ensure safety and ensure the right quality? How to make the site effective? Who will be updating the content? Isn’t it worth investing in professional service from the start, so that you can later focus on business development rather than solving IT problems?

The ManageIT offer is just that: we modernize the current one, we will create a new website, and all the files and company data are completely safe!

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Do you have a company? Create a web page!

Owning a website is almost an obligation for every company in the current world, as it is the easiest way to present, advertise, and promote products and services. Anyone who is interested in a brand is enough to enter the company name in the browser and can already enter the corporate page. Each of us does so when looking for information about an enterprise, right? Therefore, having a WEB page is so important. Strange is when someone runs the business and does not have it on the Internet. It gets rid of potential customers. And that’s a huge mistake!

You already own a website, but it has been done in outdated technology and does not look good on any screen? You want to refresh it, but you’re worried that your data will disappear? Be calm! We modernize your service so that the information will be presented in a modern way. Responsive, i.e. adapting the page to screen resolution, is a cornerstone in the 21st century. ManageIT Specialists just guarantee this!

Cheap hosting-choose only proved WordPress hosting!

We know how important it is that the corporate website is available on the Web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because the contractors live in different corners of the world and time zones. Therefore, it is worth to put on a proved hosting company, because today there are many “brokers” in the market, who only deal with earning on commissions, which has little to do with hosting services.

In ManageIT there is no room for a chance! We are a professional company whose data center is characterized by zero failure and a high level of security. Our WordPress hosting was created based on many years of experience of our engineers.

Why use professional services?

Not only the WEB hosting issue is important. Likely, when we decide to entrust the creation of a website to a friend. Self-programming and commissioning will surely succeed, but the later issue of the site update and security leaves much to be desired. How do we know? From our own experience. and then You will benefit from the knowledge and experience of ManageIT many times. Many new clients have similar problems-“I already have a site, but it is not effective or attractive”, “I have a problem with the website because it was infected”, “offers completely new products, but I can not introduce them to the offer”, “photos in the gallery are outdated “,” the page suddenly stopped working “,” email box stopped receiving emails “,” the address of the company is new and still on the site is old “,” I have a new great team member, and I can not insert it into the board “,” I created an office in a new city and I need to update my contact details. ”

That is why we offer a website creation service with professional service in the form of dedicated IT specialist. We take over existing solutions, adapt them to the current requirements of GDPR, SEO and solve other problems.

Extraordinary cheap hosting for your business-technical support all the time!

When you start the company page we will not leave you alone! We know the importance of support at every stage. Therefore, a specific IT specialist will be assigned to your account, whose task is to update the content, support and ensure the proper operation of the service. We will systematically perform technical verifications and make changes if required. It is a necessary element to be able to grow and compete with the best! Don’t get overtaken!

We work as your internal IT department rather than as a hosting company. We are for you and we take care of you, and we develop your business!

Change your website today!

Do you have any questions and doubts before you use the offer? Maybe something is not fully clear to you or you have doubts if our IT specialist can replace your IT department? Why you should choose us not others? What is the difference between ManageIT web hosting and other WordPress providers? Don’t hesitate! Contact us and we will dispel any doubt.

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Remember that choosing a Wordpress developer and hosting company is an extremely important issue that will secure your business!
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