Until recently, the choice of CMS system (Content Management System) was not so easy, because there were many similar and free solutions available on the market, which could be boldly implemented on the sites. However, over time, it turned out that WordPress is growing on a leading platform to create simple usable and technologically complicated websites. We invite you to read from which you will learn why websites on WordPress are a good solution.

What is the popularity of WordPress websites?

Currently, WordPress is the most popular platform for WEB site management. Far behind has left its competitors, such as Drupal and Joomla!. Today, more than half of the sites around the world are WordPress-based, which perfectly shows what potential this platform is and how strong its community is. Popularity directly translates into the dynamic development of the system. Authors constantly publish new versions of WordPress, provide a security update, and plug-in manufacturers ensure that they are completely secure.


WordPress is generally used by the creators of the blog. Approximately 24 entries are published per second.

WordPress is the most popular content management system for corporate websites.

25 pages of the first million most popular sites were based on WordPress (data on February 2017)

Myths about WordPress

There are many myths about the system that are not really precise genera or are simply false. You should take a closer look before deciding to build your own website.

1WordPress is suitable only for your blog!
This statement is completely and the undisputed false. This platform can be boldly used for almost any purpose. Most popular applications like a corporate website or a simple shop online do not require programming knowledge, but the only experience that is gained when working with CMS.

2All WordPress websites look the same!
Of course, in the database of free themes, there are quite a few that look identical or very similar. Professionally created WordPress-based websites are most often prepared based on differentiated paid themes or built from scratch based on their own idea.

3Using WordPress I’ll do everything
Absolutely not! WordPress is not suitable for creation, eg. mail system or games. For such applications, this platform will not be useful.

4You need to know PHP/HTML to use WordPress
This is completely not true. You don’t need to know any programming language to make any update of the information. WordPress has a built-in graphical editor that allows you to easily add new text, graphics, or video. Also, an extension of the service with popular functionalities is often possible without programming, using ready-made modules.

5WordPress is poorly protected
It already depends on the user and the administrator. Provided you have correctly configured and applied the security guidelines and have regularly installed the latest versions of the platform, you can be calm. However please note, that after the WordPress update completion you may see errors resulting from the copyright Code of the page. Therefore, you should use the help of professionals.

6WordPress is a low-performance tool
That’s another myth! WordPress is an efficient platform, but it’s easy to slow down by installing inefficient plugins or poor quality templates. Fortunately, there are many great and ready to use tools that solve this problem (like cache, minification, or CDN integration). However, it is necessary to apply them in practice.

7WordPress is an Open Source product and nobody is responsible for that
That’s right. The WordPress platform is shared as free of charge, but the company Automattic is responsible for development. CMS is constantly being developed.
Over 30 days, more than 47 million comments are published on WordPress-based sites.

8Unused plugins do not need to be updated
Very wrong reasoning. Even if it does not currently use a function (plug-ins), it is necessary to update it anyway. If the plug-in is actually not used it is recommended to remove it.

9All plugins and templates are safe
Unfortunately, this is also not a true statement. Choosing a safe and good quality template is crucial. As a rule, the prices of commercial solutions are reasonable. We know from experience that if the quality of the code has been verified and is visually attractive to the buyer, it is certainly worth the amount that the author wishes. Choosing the template and the appropriate plugins should be guided by experience.

ManageIT specialists will ensure that your website is working quickly and reliably. As a result of years of experience, we know how to build an attractive and efficient site, secure it and develop it. We always reach for the best and safe tools

Is WordPress secure?

For sure this is a very safe system, but unfortunately, the incompetent use of it can lead to infection. It will not be a hacking attack directed only towards you. These are automated attacks on all sites that will have a specific vulnerability. That was the case, for example. In 2018, when the WordPress installation screen appeared instead of the company pages. The Duplicator plug was guilty. However, you do not have to go back a year, but a few weeks will be enough. In May 2019, it turned out that the WP Live Chat Support plugin had an error. Hackers have used it to automatically set up redirects to websites infected with malware.

But please be calm! These are isolated cases. The WordPress platform can be boldly considered as one of the safest. The System is constantly being developed. Practically every day a new security update is released, and all plugins and templates before appearing in the official database are thoroughly checked. WordPress community is very expanded, which is an undoubted advantage of this solution. This is probably the biggest power of this platform because this community takes care to make WordPress a safe system.

By collaborating with ManageIT, you can be sure that your website will be constantly updated and protected from attacks. We check if your website has all the security on daily basis! We install only checked plugins and add-ons! If necessary, we implement our own solutions to match your needs!

Why WordPress websites are the best solution?

Firstly, it is currently the most popular solution used around the world. But the reason for such enormous interest is not surprising. The WordPress platform can be used by anyone. No need to buy a license or pay a subscription.

Additionally, contrary to appearances adding new functionalities does not necessarily imply spending huge amount of money to program them. It is almost certain that what you want on your site already someone else has developed and the WordPress database will be a ready plug. Now only the specialist needs to set it up correctly. These are much lower costs!

The use of WordPress also has another important advantage. At any time, our company can improve your site without huge amounts of money, because we already know this popular CMS. The situation is different when the company uses the CMS, in which case the transfer of maintenance to the new developer service provider is difficult and might be related to a higher cost.

Your WordPress-based website was created by another company and has no contact with it? Be calm! ManageIT specialists know the WordPress system perfectly!