Extraordinary web hosting for businesses

We understand the everyday life of small business and the challenges posed to the entrepreneurs. To meet the needs of small and medium businesses, we have prepared a web hosting other than all.

By entrusting us with our website you receive a comprehensive service of its maintenance and development. The service called “extraordinary hosting” includes full care of your website so that even in the least you do not need to know the technology. Without wasting precious time on technical issues, you can focus on business.

The service of extraordinary web hosting is for you when

  • You want to tell specialists to configure and maintain a website and have IT specialist at your disposal

  • You want to limit your action on the site to the creation and editing of content, presenting offers, selling products

is not for you when..

  • You want to implement the site yourself, configure the server, install modules and add new functionalities

Service different than regular web hosting

Competition/Standard Hosting ManageIT/Extraordinary Hosting
Provides products or subservices (hosting, domain and management panel) and sometimes support service. To run and maintain your website you must have technical knowledge, skills and time for configurations, technical consultations, etc. Provides complex service maintenance and support service and technical matters remain for you irrelevant details. In each of the offer options we guarantee the availability of appropriate specialists who will perform the necessary actions for you.
Works as an outsourced company. It gains when you buy a redundant package and you do not fully use it. IT works like your internal IT department. It will propose to change the parameters to higher only if it will come out necessary based on the results of reports.
It provides a technical panel, often complicated to use to manage various aspects of the services and products purchased. It provides a dedicated IT specialist that systematically cares about the proper functioning and safety of the site.
It works as a template. It provides a call center and consultant who does not build experience and does not know the specifics and needs of a particular client. Takes into account current needs. A dedicated IT specialist knows the nature of your site. It will propose an effective, tailored and economical solution.
It uses ready-made packages, which in many cases are not tailored to the current needs. It retains flexibility by treating current service parameters as a reference point.

WordPress Hosting

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer specially prepared for solutions based on an easy-to-use and popular WordPress platform