React app creation

ReactJS is a library that is used to create JavaScript-enabled user interfaces. The first public release of the library appeared in 2013, was created by Jordana Walke and inspired by the extension of the PHP language (XHP). Since then, the library has continually strengthened its position on the market. Numerous advanced react applications have proven to be fast, simple and fully scalable (Netflix, Imgur, PayPal, Walmart, and many others). Among the developers gained opinions of the tool, which is both light and very powerful.

  • Highly reusable declarative Code
  • Small manageable Components
  • Faster rendering with Virtual DOM
  • More efficient implementation thanks to a strong community
  • It is available under the Apache license

React Apps

Example solutions provided by ManageIT, based on React or React Native:

  • Web applications
  • Web Interfaces
  • Mobile interfaces
  • Android Mobile Apps
  • iOS Mobile Apps

React Native by ManageIT

The ManageIT development company currently implements mobile applications Using ReactNative, thereby creating both Android and IOS applications, reducing the cost of production and future maintenance. React Native is a library that allows you to implement hybrid applications on both platforms using JavaScript and JSX syntax. Using React Native allows you to share apps faster by both the Google Play store and the Apple Store.

React Applications by ManageIT

Here, in ManageIT Software House, we create light and modern frontend applications using one of the best JavaScript frameworks React JS. We build fast user interfaces that support complex interactions. React combined with Redux enables the delivery of excellent quality web interfaces. Redux Support provides better management and organization of data, also affects easier debugging.

We create Web applications

Contact us if you are looking for a software company that will design and produce custom software using the latest technologies. We will discuss the initial requirements, propose the scope of implementation, form of cooperation, we will present a market-attractive offer and help to reach your company’s intended goals. We present many years of experience in implementing custom software and managing IT projects.