Web applications

In recent years we observe a strong expansion of Web applications. The reasons seem to be obvious, in comparison to the more traditional applications so-called “native applications” are characterized by versatility and incomparably greater accessibility. Due to fact that Web applications are launched through a Web browser (on a computer, tablet or phone), they are also available on any device. A modern web application consists of two parts, the so-called backend, which is located on the server and the frontend that automatically “installs” in the Web browser.

The ManageIT team implements Web applications using technologies such as Java for backend implementations and React or React Native (and redux) for frontend.

ManageIT – dedicated Software

Examples of Web applications created by ManageIT:

  • Monitoring/Telematics
  • Document workflow
  • Order Handling Systems
  • Websites and their extensions
  • Reporting systems
  • Information Systems

Web or window application?

Recent years have shown that the architecture of modern Web applications is proven to meet the requirements even the most demanding users. Internet applications have gained both the B2B, B2C, and OpenSource areas. Their biggest advantage is the ability to use almost any device and the unique accessibility (and low cost) of deployed updates. In this situation, the software company executes all the work on the server without the need to involve end-users in the process of installing the new version (update) releasing new dedicated software. That means easiness of installation for developers and no additional user engagement. This is crucial for both: the need to implement new functionality and to provide security-related updates.

Windowed applications, on the other hand, are often implemented for a given platform, resulting in better use of the machine resources on which they are running. This is important, for example, for entertainment applications.

The above observations make it possible to formulate an overall simplifying comparison of the principle that modern web applications are a better choice for business applications. The final decision to create Web applications we recommend to take after verifying the requirements of the expected solution. The ManageIT development Company offers business and technical Analysis Services to help you determine the optimal solution.

We create Web applications

Web applications are the main area of our work. We offer programming services that provide modern Internet solutions. We invite you to contact us to discuss the initial requirements of the application, possible forms of cooperation and finally we will introduce our attractive offer. We are experienced in the implementation of custom software and managing IT projects.