Java implementations

After more than 22 years of Java creation, it is still one of the best choices for creating commercial systems. Java applications are successful for many reasons, starting from a vast community, universally, facilities in the form of an impressive collection of standard libraries, backward compatibility, easy syntax, ending at zero cost and Easy learning. It has repeatedly proved TIOBE in its ranking of the popularity of programming languages in which Java is on 1 or 2 place for past 10 years.

There are millions of commercial Java applications available on the market that are developed and maintained over the years. The popularity of this technology and its wide applications make the Java developer community reach 9 million people.

Java applications

Examples of solutions provided by ManageIT, based on the Java language:

  • Systems integrations
  • Mobile App Backend
  • Web Application Backend
  • Windowed applications
  • Scripts supporting data processing
  • Other minor implementations of Java

Android Apps

The default language in which Android apps are written is Java. This means that most of the native apps that are found in the Android Play Store are also Java applications. ManageIT currently writes most of its mobile applications using ReactNative, simultaneously creating applications for both Android and iOS environments, reducing the cost of production and future maintenance. In the past, we have also delivered native applications adapted to the Android environment.

Java Applications for PC

Virtual Java machine is responsible for the versatility of Java applications, which is in most cases installed on your computer when installing some software. Whether you’re dealing with a Windows, MAC or Linux environment, most users don’t even notice when they are installing JVM. As a result, they run the program they need without special effort.

Java Software – future

Java applications and Java have been with us since 1995. Many other programming languages have appeared during this time. Many articles and elaborations have been attempting to recognize and explain the reasons for the success of this language. Several of its negative qualities were also pointed out. In fact, at the turn of the year, the position of Java remains unchanged and the gigantic community does not allow the language to leave in oblivion. The ManageIT team provides Java applications for all platforms.

We create Java applications

In our career, we have provided multiple Java applications supporting the custom processes of our client’s systems. We will gladly discuss the possible scope of cooperation. We are pleased to analyze the expectations that the provided software should meet. We allow different forms of cooperation, which we usually adapt to the nature of the planned implementation. We invite you to join the ranks of those who have trusted us.