Software Outsourcing

Software Outsourcing of ManageIT is mainly dedicated to Project Managers who as a result of planned work schedules are looking for programming competencies and want to temporarily expand their team with a specialist in the chosen technology. Software Outsourcing as service in contrast to body leasing allows you to extend your team’s capabilities within a few days. In the case of the programmer’s body leasing, our clients do not need to invest funds in recruitment, development, and maintenance of the internal staff. Cooperation with the ManageIT does not necessarily relate to a long-term contract and the incurred costs are proportional to the performed work.

Programmers Outsourcing Service

  • The minimum duration of the contract is 1 month
  • The minimum number of the ordered hours is 1/4 time (40 hours/5 business days).
  • All tasks are coordinated by the Project Manager on client side.
  • The cost of the service depends on the profile of the outsourced specialist and starts from 6000 PLN net
  • We offer discounts for contracts longer than 5 months


As part of Software Outsourcing services, ManageIT Software House Specialists had the pleasure to create products such as:

  • Shops Online, Websites, Web applications
  • Advanced integrations of Web solutions and desktop applications
  • Scripts to automate office work (e.g. using Microsoft Excel VBA)
  • Modifications, development of proprietary solutions and the existing solutions on clients side (e.g. new reports in systems in use)

and perform work related to:

  • Acquisition of the existing code and its development
  • Maintenance and providing support for the existing software
  • Reproduction, completion of the existing software documentation
  • Identification and bug fixing in the existing software

Outsourcing not only related to programming

ManageIT offers outsourcing services of project managers, analysts, and administrators. We provide the following services:

  • Information Technology Consultancy (e.g. technologies recommendations)
  • Project Specifications preparations
  • Migration, launching websites, domains, hosting, CRM Systems and other ready-made solutions.

As part of the advisory service, Manage IT Specialist will have a look at the systems operating in your company, talk to your employees and recommend optimizations, which will provide direct financial savings or release your team from performing repeatable activities, allowing you to focus on the work that brings new revenues.

Who is the receiver of programming outsourcing

Our offer is dedicated to companies, start-ups and large organizations seeking software support. We know how important is the creation of a team of specialists and we continually raise the team’s competence to meet the requirements of our customers. We invite you to contact us to present cooperation proposals.