When running any business, you should have a functional website, because you never know when a potential customer will want to get acquainted with your company’s offer. Therefore, you must remember that just having a website is not a ready recipe for success. It is important that it is constantly updated, developed, and managed. You don’t know how? Trust the specialists!

How to make the website effective, i.e. simply generate sales? There is no ready solution, but we present some factors that you need to pay attention to when designing and running a website.

Effective websites

ManageIT offers full support for your website: from security updates to SEO auditing to professional content!

Website security

Once you have a website for several years and during this time you only dealt with adding information about new products, services, or possibly changing photos or information about the company, unfortunately, we regret to say that it is at risk of a hacker attack. All safeguards must be constantly updated to eliminate the risk of infection as much as possible. Unfortunately, a few years of inactivity are just a breeding ground for malware. You may not even know that your site is virus-infected and serves (for a long time) as a tool to attack other sites. In this way it can quickly disappear from Google search engine results. And no business can afford it.

In 2019, the Internet thundered from an affair related to the popular online store Morele.net, where hackers, as a result of poor system security (or human factor), stole the sensitive data of about 2.5 million customers of the store. It turned out that by using the stolen database it was possible to read … over 350,000 user passwords. A huge number, taking into account the fact that after all, one password is often used in several places. For hackers, this is only an invitation to further hacking, e.g. to email accounts.

Using the knowledge and experience of ManageIT specialists, your company website is completely secure! We care about its safety every day!

Technical SEO Guidelines

If you already have a website, you should also ensure that your site is optimized for SEO. The better prepared in this respect, the higher it will appear in search results, which in turn leads to more sales. And that’s it, right? A modern website that will be able to appear on the first pages of the search must meet a number of technical guidelines that directly affect the site’s rating. Standards and guidelines are constantly changing and changing conditions should be followed.

SEO Web Customization

ManageIT specialists will customize the existing site or create a new one that meets over 50 guidelines for professional sites. A solid technical foundation enables you to continue effective SEO activities related to creating valuable content.
SEO Ready website

Website blog section-“Content is the king”

Recently, the saying “content is the king” has become very fashionable. It’s hard to disagree. Well, for several years now, Google is starting to look more and more often towards websites that are not only company websites, but also offer users interesting and engaging content. Company pages running blog sections are definitely higher in Google search results. It is also important that relevant quality texts appear on the blog, which is not only sales and expert, but also support SEO.

Creating content for a website requires appropriate knowledge and skills. A content update is very important. It may sound like banality, but it is really extremely important. When you launch a new service or product, you must write about it on your website. It is not enough to add information on the appropriate subpage. It has to be exposed and advertised. And in this, we can help you.

Send us just a message about what you want to promote and a photo, and we will present it on your website to get the best sales effect. Has your company team or office location changed? In that case you must update it on your website. You don’t know how? You don’t have to know anything about it. Sell ​​your own products and leave the website management to specialists!

We will not only manage your site administratively, but we can also create professional content for your blog! Be an expert in your industry. You don’t need to know how to administer the site. Only report to ManageIT specialists to add new information and they will take care of everything!

Social Media for your business

Nowadays it is worth considering whether your company should not appear on social media. Although it may seem to you that it’s not for you, you don’t need to have a Facebook fan page, Instagram, or LinkedIn account. Are you saying that your presence on these websites will not help you? You are so wrong! Of course, setting up a fan page will not cause that suddenly your company’s sales will go up to a level never seen before. But social media is an additional communication channel. You can quickly reach your current and potential contractors using accounts on popular social networking sites. Do not worry about the fact that no one likes the posts on your fan page. This does not mean that they do not read them! It is important that each post carries something interesting and intriguing with it. Keeping accounts in social media requires perseverance and this is a very hard task because the effects of work will not be immediately visible. Remember that social media also affects the visibility of your page on Google.

Keeping accounts in social media is not easy, it requires a lot of work and perseverance.