The IT world is full of mysterious concepts, one of which is hosting and hosting provider. What is behind this concept? Two things must be done for a website to exist and be accessible to the whole world.


A website is an electronic product in the form of files and code and must be created like any other product. This is done by the programmer.


The website must be made public so that everyone can read its content from anywhere in the world – this is the web hosting service. This is done by the hosting company.

Poor location and lack of CDN

The location of the server from the user’s point of view has incredible importance. For example, if your hosting service is located on a server outside the country, we need to take into account a potential slowdown, which will result in extended loading time for content and images posted on our site. Is it the desired effect from an SEO perspective? Definitely not-owners of websites depend on increasing the position of the website in the free search results. The solution to this issue can also be a CDN service. Unfortunately, many hosting providers do not offer CDN or charge additional fees for such service.

Shared, Limited hardware resources

Contrary to appearances, a very important aspect, also associated with the security of your side. Choosing a hosting company please be aware that the lower the price, the more numerous of your “neighbors” on the server, and hence you will be not able to avoid negative impact on your website functionality. The server has strictly defined parameters that allow you to handle a limited number of domains at the appropriate level. Keep that in mind.


Service Availability

If you run a business on the Internet, your priority will be the availability of the site without any restrictions. When checking your hosting company, pay attention to the declared level of server availability. The availability of the order of 99% is sufficient to get a good ranking from Google.

Web Page Wizards

Some hosting providers, presenting their offer, make the impression that the site is something you can do entirely yourself and even build it by clicking using their online tool. The site will be created and will be available, it’s true. However, this is not the most common situation when our priority is to work on improving visibility on Google. To achieve such a goal it is necessary to meet numerous SEO requirements, unfortunately, very often hosting companies bypass this item in their offer.

Antivirus protection

Nowadays it is a must-have. Not every hosting provider will take care of antivirus software and many of them will not assist their client in removing the virus (except for the usual deletion of ALL data). Consider the potential risks and the unpleasant effects of your website’s virus in the form of many days of unavailability of the site and hence lost orders, it’s really worth the financial efforts. Take my word for it!

Lack of support

Many service providers are not interested in no way what you put on their servers. This leads to a new page being created with no security updates introduced for years. It is a hacker’s paradise that easily draws on the outdated page.

Domain, email and server reputation

Many vendors offer the service including free domains (e.g. with their name). These domains may have poor feedback due to the fact that in the past some other user has violated the rules, eg. by sending a lot of spam. Emails sent using this domain may not reach the recipient or can be transferred to the spam folder. Google continually verifies the quality of the service on which your website is located. On the market, you can meet a lot of cheap or free services with poor feedback. The site placed on such a server in the eyes of Google is not attractive.

What a good web hosting provider should be

We hope that this short hosting guide will be helpful. In the current world, it is very easy to create a website and publish it on some hosting service. These are obviously necessary and very important steps to exist on the web. However, it’s not enough for your website to appear in Google search results and for that your customers could find you. To achieve this, you need a reliable technical partner who will support your business in these activities and be able to propose solutions that are appropriate to your expected results.


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